LHC’s world record [archives]

[This piece was originally hosted on my now-defunct MA course blog.]

First collisions at LHC at 7 TEV! The two beams are at 3.5 TEV each and everything is cool!

CERN has a live webcast here1.

Check out CERN’s latest tweets as well as the conversation people are having about theLHC.

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I’m all whee! :D

  1. Please note that, as of the date of republishing this archived post, the webcast is no longer available. In lieu, here are some clips from the day: The high-energy collisions at 7 TeV, building 40, 30th March 2010, LHC News April 2010 : LHC First PhysicsLHC first physics : clip resume of the day March the 30th, 2010 []